As visual story telling becomes increasingly important in order to catch the readers attention, The New York Times has been one of the frontiers within the genre. Josh Keller, in his role as the deputy international editor, has made visual storytelling and interactive graphics the focus of his work for the newspaper. And it has not gone by unnoticed.

One of the latest projects he worked on was the story ”How the Rohingya Escaped”, a controversial news story that many refused to believe was true. Josh Keller is known for bringing complex stories into the eyes of the public, in a way that is easy for large audiences to understand.

 Josh Keller will be in Fredrikstad on May 23 to talk about some of the cases that he has worked on, and will give us a peek into projects that we might see in future editions of the New York Times.

Josh Keller has worked at The New York Times since 2012 where he started as the graphics editor before taking the position as deputy international editor in 2017. Among the projects he has worked with are: “How the Rohingya Escaped”, "Rocket Men: The Team Building North Korea’s Missile”, “’It’s a Slow Death’: The World’s Worst Humanitarian Crisis” and “Escaping the Inferno”. 






Examples of Keller’s work: