Photo by  Ingun Mæhlum

Photo by Ingun Mæhlum

The DOK-festival in Fredrikstad, Norway, is the Norwegian national festival for documentary photography and photojournalism

The festival in Fredrikstad is an event that gathers students, professionals and lecturers mainly from Scandinavia with passion for photography and photojournalism with professional days from 23th to 25th May 2019

During the professional weekend international recognized photojournalists and visual storytellers will show projects and share their experiences in the House of Literature. 

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For tickets and festival pass please visit the House of Literature or contact the festival directly. 

The festival is organized by the DOK-foundation (non-profit) and hosted by Pressefotografenes klubb Norge (NPPA Norway).

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Take a walk down memory lane with Swedish photographer Lars Dareberg’s DOK18 video trilogy:


Adrian Øhrn Johansen (chair)

Jon Petter Evensen

Ellen Lande Gossner

Elli Trier

Martin Slottemo Lyngstad


The festival was started in Oslo in 2005. In 2013 the event was moved to Fredrikstad. Since then the following photographers have presented their work at the festival:


Gueorgui Pinkhassov (Russia)

Jessica Dimmock (USA)

Zackary Canepari (USA)

Sanne De Wilde (Belgium)

Sarah Blesener (USA)

Lorenzo Meloni (Italy)


Peter van Agtmael (USA)

Glenna Gordon (USA)

Luisa Dörr (Brazil)

Damon Winter (USA)

Jonas Bendiksen (Norway)

Joakim Eskildsen (Denmark)


Åsa Sjöström (Sweden)

Jacob Ehrbahn (Denmark)

Adam Patterson (UK)

Jerry Ricciotti (USA)

Carolyn Drake (USA)


Michal Chelbin (Israel)

Sarker Protick & Munem Wasif (Bangladesh)

Vanessa Winship & George Georgiou (UK)

Moises Saman (USA)

Mads Nissen (Denmark)

Diana Markosian

Fotojournalistutdannings 20 årsjubileum


Martin Parr (UK)

Sofie Amalie Klougart (DK)

Elinor Carucci (USA)

Alec Soth (USA)

Sara Lewkowicz (USA)

Andrea Bruce (USA)


Lauren Greenfield (USA)

Zed Nelson (UK)

Ben Lowy (USA)

Bieke Depoorter (Belgium)

Per-Anders Pettersson (Sweden/ South Africa)

Jen Davis (USA)

Todd Heisler (USA)

Maja Daniels (Sweden)

Magnus Wennman (Sweden)

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